This Potent, Natural Enzyme Will Fix Your Digestion (and Your Diarrhea!)

If you are constantly struggling with digestion problems and dealing with diarrhea, it’s time to take more control of your health. Taking care of your body and improving your digestion is much simpler than you think, and you can do it with a few natural products and simple lifestyle changes. Potent, natural enzymes that can help to fix both your digestion and diarrhea are digestive enzymes.

How Do Digestive Enzymes Work?

Digestive enzymes work as a catalyst within your body and help break down large molecules so your body can more easily absorb them. They are essential to ensuring good digestive health as they break down your food into simple sugars, nucleic acids, cholesterol (the good kind!), amino acids, and fatty acids.

Your body already has these enzymes to help with the process of absorbing food, but if you have an insufficient amount of digestive enzymes, that could cause problems for your digestion and could end up giving you diarrhea.

When You Should Take Digestive Enzymes

With the changes in our diet and the constant onslaught of possible diseases, it’s not a bad thing to take digestive enzymes. However, if you feel you don’t have digestive problems or aren’t plagued with diarrhea, you don’t need to take digestive enzymes. Let’s walk through some of the reasons why you might want to consider incorporating digestive enzymes into your life.

If you have a digestive disease, it’s a no brainer that taking extra digestive enzymes can help you out. Some of these diseases include acid reflux, gas, bloating, leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis, malabsorption, diarrhea or constipation. In these cases, digestive enzymes can help your body out by breaking down foods that they might be having trouble with.

Another condition you may be dealing with is brush border dysfunction. The most severe type of this dysfunction is Celiac disease as with that disease the brush border is either destroyed or flattened. In the small intestine, brush borders help with carbohydrate digestions. So, if this is destroyed, you will end up having problems with your digestive health.

Other conditions in which you should highly consider digestive enzymes are age-related enzyme insufficiency, hypochlorhydria, liver disease, iron deficiency, or vitamin D deficiency.

Stress is another common reason why you might be having digestive enzyme problems! Chronic stress can wreak havoc on the body and have you in a constant state of “fight or flight.” This causes problem with your digestive health, among other things.

The Benefits of Digestive Enzymes

The biggest benefit of digestive enzymes is that they help your body breakdown food. This will help you to absorb all of the nutrients you are trying to get from your food and help you to avoid an upset stomach. In fact, people who take digestive enzymes are typically preventing themselves from getting a nutritional deficiency.

If you love to eat foods such as peanuts, wheat germ, egg whites, nuts, seeds, beans, and potatoes, digestive enzymes can counteract the enzyme inhibitors that are in these foods. Basically, digestive enzymes break down barriers that those foods put up in order for your body to properly digest them.

In addition, digestive enzymes can greatly improve your health by helping to heal conditions such as leaky gut, acid reflux, and IBS.

How Can I Increase My Digestive Enzyme Intake

If you think you should be taking digestive enzymes, there are a variety of ways you can incorporate them into your diet. There are fruit-sourced, animal-sourced, and plant-sourced ways of getting digestive enzymes!

Pineapples and papayas are a great source of these enzymes if you’d like to use fruit to help heal your digestive issues. It may sound interesting, but pancreatin from ox or hog is another great way to get digestive enzymes into your body. Lastly, you can always get your digestive enzymes through probiotics, yeast, and fungi.

Living a Healthy Digestive Life

If you are unsure whether or not you should be taking digestive enzymes, you can get a stool test done by a medical professional. Consult your doctor if you feel that you could benefit from digestive enzyme supplements if you’ve been suffering digestive problems for a while. Overall, digestive enzymes are safe and reasonably priced, so you can try different kinds until you find the one that works best for you. However, if you are unsure, it’s always best to consult a medical professional to pinpoint the right course of treatment.

Digestive enzymes can help with a variety of conditions that you may be dealing with. If you have been having digestion problems for some time, consult your doctor. Luckily, digestive enzymes are potent, so they work fast and well, and natural, so you aren’t packing your body with chemicals when seeking treatment via added digestive enzymes. You don’t have to constantly feel uncomfortable or bloated. Start getting on track to living a healthy digestive life!